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Bike Gangs, The Goose

For decades the Galloping Goose motorcycle gang has operated with impunity in Kansas City, Missouri. These outlaw bikers have been involved in crimes ranging from motorcycle theft to drug dealing, to assaults and intimidation. The Goose remained small and insulated, allowing members to fly under police radar. Despite its size the gang is tough, claiming territory for 100 miles around Kansas City and beating down any rivals who dared venture into Goose territory. Fed up with the gang’s blatant disregard for the law, one Kansas City detective made it his mission to take them down. For years, the gang’s notorious wall of silence was impenetrable, until a series of violent events finally gave the detective his chance to cook the Goose.


An Idiot Abroad S01E01 China

I messed this up and watch Series 2 first and loved it. Here is series 1 episode 1, enjoy……………….

Bullets over Boston: The Irish Mob (Documentary)

Britains Underworld Manchester Part 1 of 4

Graham Hancock’s “Quest For The Lost Civilization”

Graham Hancock traverses the world and explains his controversial theory that an ancient civilization, highly intelligent people who sailed the planet as early as 10,500 B.C., spread advanced astronomical knowledge and built ancient observatories.
Skeptics may scoff, but Hancock earnestly points out similarities in giant stone structures in the Egyptian desert and Cambodian jungles, and on Easter Island and in Micronesia, he points out what he considers evidence of an ancient society of seafarers. His ideas may seem utterly bizarre at first, but Hancock presents them in an understated and good-natured manner, and he also makes clever use of computer graphics and aerial photography to illustrate the startling similarities in ancient structures found from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific.

A Clothes Peg & a Cornflakes Packet When I Was a Kid………………

Children of the Secret State

North Korea, a country of 22 million. Up to 3 million of its’ people have starved to death in the last 10 years. More than 40% of North Korean children now suffer from chronic malnutrition. Children of the Secret State is an investigation into North Korea, considered by many as the last Stalinist dictatorship, a hidden and sealed country riddled with propaganda and saturated with hostility to democracy and the West. Joe Layburn and the Hardcash team discovered a young North Korean, known by the pseudonym Ahn Chol, who has been filming undercover so that the world can see what is going on in his native land: the country where his parents both starved to death.

His devastating footage shows some of the estimated 200,000 street children, mainly orphans, foraging for food in the mud and the gutters, ignored by the adults around them and ignored by the state which claims they are at its bosom.

Directed by Carla Garapedian and made by Hardcash Productions. Narrated by Joe Layburn and filmed by Anna Roberts.

Torture in American prisons

This programme shows that abuses like those documented in Abu Ghraib are commonplace in the USA’s overcrowded and understaffed prisons. Prisoners are shackled and hooded for their own protection; pepper spray is used as an alternative to physical force, but in sufficient quantities to cause second-degree burns; beatings are frequent and sometimes fatal. The programme suggests that the cause is not a few bad apples, but a pervasive culture of dehumanization and brutality.

Living in the Sewers of Colombia

VICE takes a trip to Bogota, Colombia’s most inhabited sewers. This documentary basically is covering the life of the lower class, poor children in Bogota, Colombia.

Often those children are badly abused and neglected, and then they move into the sewers to live.

No light, fresh feces, rats, fear of being swept away by the currents when it rains, and fear of the death squads coming after you in the middle of the night to shoot, rape, and burn you alive.

The death squads are made up of police, paramilitary, and rich businessmen or their lackeys, and their purpose is to create a “social cleansing.” They literally open up manholes and start firing, or worse, they pour in gasoline and set it ablaze.

Creationist Junk Debunked Part 1 – Introduction

A look at some of the most famous urban myths spread by creationists, and the fundamentalists who peddle them. The creator of Climate Change and From Big Bang to Us: Made Easy (@potholer54), is debunking creationist myths, and answering questions that fundamentalists have about the real evidence for our origins. Here are some of the myths being debunked in the playlist

Is WWIII On The Way?

Moon Landing 1969 vs Scientific Evidence


Forbidden Archeology – Secret Discoveries of Early Man – Full Feature

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

I realise that this is not going to be everyones cup of tea,

However if you can get though the first 20 minutes, and you have an interest in “Free Energy” then this documentary is very interesting.

Would be  interested in feedback and comments on this film.


Norman Wisdom,Isle of Man Hero, Without an Engine…………..

Inside Outlaw Bikers Hells Angels

Fort Knox- Secrets Revealed

Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked

Hillbilly: The Real Story, Moonshine, Interesting Documentary……………

Bear’s Wild Weekend with Jonathan Ross