I now have 1500 followers on twitter & google +,  You are all Bikers, Biker bars, Chop Shops, Bike Clubs and MCs.

I am trying to organise a T Shirt auction at Mac’s place ” Slippery Sam’s Biker Bar” in Pai Northern Thailand.


Am trying to get original, unusual, and  unique  T Shirts from all over the world.

I build bikes for the local disabled kids in the area and do it out of my own pocket and could use a bit of sponsorship.

I’m sure that many of you have Club, Bar, and Organisation T Shirts.

Please donate a T Shirt to the cause. We don’t care if is Small, Medium, or Large, even XXL is cool, as there are a lot of large number Ex pats out here.

All proceeds will go to helping a disabled kid get on the road and have a bit of freedom……………..

If anyone can help the please let me know….

contact me on http://www.onehandedbikers.org

I will forward the details of how to get your shirt to me.

It will cost you the price of a stamp, but it will make someone in a wheelchair very happy.

Thanks in anticipation



One Arm Thai Boy

During my 7 years in Pai I have noticed quite a few people in Pai Town and the surrounding villages that have similar disabilities to myself, and would like to offer them the chance to get on the road with the freedom to ride.

It is not just people with my condition that could benefit; many of you will have noticed a couple of wheelchair motorcycle adaption’s riding around town. This really isn’t a complicated modification and could be accomplished relatively cheaply.

So whatever disability that you or someone you know may have, if you or they have the ambition to ride again, or would like to experience the thrill for the first time, then I am more than willing to offer any advice, enthusiasm, contacts, encouragement, and knowledge that will help you fulfill your dream and get you on the road. So if  you know of anybody, friends or family that might benefit from this offer please get in touch.

I am currently looking for a small workspace in Pai town to kick start off this project, so if you know of somewhere suitable to work on a motorcycle please let me know. I would also like to ask you for donations of any old motorbike bits & pieces, old wrecks, non runners, rust buckets, wheels, seats, forks or tanks, anything that you may have lying around. I can make anything look pretty again, except myself.

I wish someone had knocked on my door 25 years ago and given me the keys to a free motorbike.


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