Kenguru Car for Wheelchair Users

Design, power, speed, efficiency, and emissions are often a focal point of the development of a car. However, what about the ease and convenience for drivers who use wheelchairs?

The challenge was answered by Kenguru, an electric car developed by Community Cars and Rehab, Ltd.. These cars use rear-wheel drive system drive (RWD) with two powerful 2 kW electric motor capable of pushing the vehicle up to a maximum speed of 45 km / h.

Mileage of the car weighs 550 kg are in the range 70 to 110 km with the process of charging the battery for 8 hours.

Kenguru is the first  electrically powered car which designed particularly for wheelchair users. Development of technology makes our lives easier. This car is what we all have been wating for. By using this car wheelchair users can get about town without assistance.

  • Environmentally friendly – completely GREEN car delivering long awaited mobility solution for wheelchair users
  • Driven directly from a wheelchair – access is via the rear-opening tailgate and steering is by motorbike style handlebar  (joystick option will be available in time)
  • Your own wheelchair is secured within the car by an interlocking device
  • The current design allows parking rear end to the pavement for easy access and it is an ideal solution to drivers who only undertake journeys to local shops and services
  • Because of its weight the Kenguru is classified as a scooter and therefore only a scooter driver’s licence is required to drive Kenguru
Kenguru cabin does not have a seat, but room for one driver in a wheelchair. Unlike the cars in general are using the steering wheel and pedals, steering tools like bajaj Kenguru to support the driver with leg muscle dysfunction. Zoern Stacy, CEO of Community Cars, said that they are developing steering joystick.
Initially, Kenguru electric car developed in Hungary and to stagnate due to the economic crisis. Fortunately, a special car with a driver’s wheelchair caught the attention of Stacy and within two years, the production model Kenguru becomes a reality. This car sold for USD25.000.


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