Buying a Single Boot or Glove

I can now offer a wide range of single unit  Brand New Top Quality Boots and Gloves. So if you just need a single left or right foot boot or glove then i can supply it.

I will split a pair and send it to you Worldwide. The cost of Shipping will vary from Country to Country and can be quoted on request. So if you are an amputee, sick and tired of going to the expense of paying for a pair of Boots or Gloves and having a brand new one lying around going to waste, then this could solve you problems.

ALPINESTARS CR1 Gore-tex Motorbike Boots

These boots are ideal for those who are looking to get use both on and off their bikes. The Alpinestars CR1 boots are constructed using gore-tex which means that they are waterproof and breathable, a feature which is a vital component of high quality pair of boots.

ALPINESTARS CR1 Gore-tex Motorbike Boots

Making for a good short, ankle length pair of touring boots the lace system on the Alpinestars Cr1 Gore-tex boots means that they can be put on or removed quickly. The soles are designed for maximal grip both on the bike and off the bike meaning confident is given to all wearers, who can rely on a safe touch that won’t let them down. Also featuring internal and external ankle protection and reinforcement at the gear change. Overall, the Alpinestars CR1 boots are an ideal solution for riders looking for the best of both worlds. To check out the latest prices simply click on our shopping button above!

Probiker Scout Touring 2 Motorbike Boots

These Probiker Scout boots are perfect for bikers who are looking for a high level of comfort and protection.

These are a very good looking pair of boots which will appeal to the safety conscious and discerning biker. They are leather,totally waterproof and most importantly breathable. As with all leather boots they will need to be protected with leather treatment before being used. The Sympatex climate membrane keeps the feet dry and fresh always an asset after a few hours of serious biking. The foot and heel panels are elasticated which allows for proper flexing. The ankles and heels are protected as well as the shin which benefits from full protection. There is also good reinforcement at the gear change and at all impact points. All in all great boots for serious bikers as they combine all the necessary elements of protection, flexibility, breathability and comfort never mind their good looks.

Motorbike Gloves

Making sure that you choose not only a high quality pair of motorbike boots but a good pair of motorbike gloves is very important. Firstly, in terms of your safety as when we fall from our bikes, inevitably the very first thing will we put out to break the fall and protect ourselves, is our hands. A good pair of Motorcycle gloves will also keep the hands warm and dry in cold and rainy conditions, which is important in order to keep your fingers from numbing which will in turn slow reaction speeds and coordination and can thus be dangerous. Motorbike Boots recommends that you consider the various options carefully before deciding upon which pair to buy.


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