Project Update…….

Thought is was about time I actually updated on the progress of the new chopper. Have finally managed to rub down the tank to the shocking pink, anyone here in Pai that has seen this bike will know that it has been about half a dozen different colours, so after rubbing my fingertips raw, I have managed to get it down to this, cant wait to spray it, that pink is far too girly….

Vespa seat cost me 100 bht, thats 2 quid, 3 bucks at a Chiang Mai second hand market, bargain. It is going to look seriously good,  just need to figure out the nicest, coolest sitting position and mounting, don’t think that will be that difficult………………

50 Bht, 1.5 bucks, 1 quid front fender, a day of rubbing down should see it as good as new.

Got to make a battery box, and mount that somewhere, Then rig up an electric start, God I hate bike electrics.

Side panel templates are all cut out, just got to get them cut out in steel and tacked on. Hopefully got a welder coming to the house next week to finish of all the welding, ( Gonna have to stand over him, never trust a Thai welder)

Design and make a sexy looking suicide shift, that’s going to freak a few Thai Traffic Cops out,  a one handed man riding a motorbike with a suicide shifter. Looking forward to that…………………….

So that’s about it, In my head it’s built but will still probably take me till Christmas. will ride it as a dry build for a week or 2, just to make sure nothing falls off’ breaks, or dies on me before a complete strip down to bare frame and a seriously hard core spray job.

It’s going to be a seriously cool Christmas present to myself.

Will try and take more photos as she progresses.




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