Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride, Sunday June 3

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the Chiang Rai Bikers monthly day ride.  Invitation to all.  Bring your friends, the more the merrier. This next ride planned as follows;
The Ride; Run the 1155 north.
Date; Sunday 3rd June 12
Meeting point; Amazon Coffee Shop, PTT station, highway 1 in Chiang Rai.
Meeting time; 08:30
Ride departs; 09:00
Distance; Approx 230 klms.
Route; Anti-clockwise loop.
As we did a loop to the west of CR last month and a run to the south, the month before, let’s try a loop to the east this month.  The 1155 is a great road. Heading north, the mountains of Pu Chee Fah are on your right and there is a parallel line of mountains to your left. Beautiful scenery as the road follows round and over hills between the mountains, through hill tribe villages.
 Map:  see attachment
Head out of CR on 1152 to Phaya Mengrai. After passing the Nong Luang lake/reservoir (sorry, I dont know which) and the turn to Chaiyapruek, turn right on the small road across to Huai Kang and join 1174 south. Turn left again across the small roads through to Thoeng. Turn left on 1020, head east past Pee, turning left onto the great 1155 north. Head all the way north, about 67 klms, dont turn off to Pu Chee Fah anywhere (save that for another day…). This road has a few small villages for drinks stops. Being a small twisty road, it’s best enjoyed at a moderate pace. When you get to Wiang Kaen, turn right on the small road into Wiang Kaen itself and follow that road about 14 klms, through Huai Lak to Gaeng Pa Dai at the very end of the Kong river on the Thai side. The Pa Dai restaurant is at the end of this road, where we can all meet up again for a late lunch.
After Wiang Kaen, on the small road past Huai Lak, you should go through this gateway. Pic 2  See attachment
Then turn right here and follow the road through to the end past a little resort to where the restaurant is, nearly at the end of the road.  Pic 3  See attachment
After lunch, back along the small road to Wiang Kaen then right on the 1155, along the Mekong a little, a couple more viewpoint stops on this great tarmac twisty bit, then the road swings around to the south again. At Tha Charoen, turn right to Si Donchai, then left on a small road across to Bahn Wai and left on 1174. Follow that road down to Phaya Mengrai and right on 1152 back to Chiang Rai.
See you all on Sunday 3rd June.  Looking forward to it.
Best wishes



Marty and Woraphat
Chiang Rai, Thailand

Tele. 089-429-4562
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