May 2 Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride

Hello all.

The May 2 day ride went well.  We had 20 or so bikes, and two four wheel  vehicles.  The smallest was approximately 120 cc, the largest 1,800 cc.  Cannot say what the oldest bike was but there were some oldies there and they were looking good and going strong.
We had riders from as far away as Chiang Mai.  Ian, of Chiang Saen called this ride and he did fine job of picking a scenic route with a lot of higher altitudes riding in cooler temperatures.
Lacking a printed map prior to the start (sorry), there was often some debate and guessing at turn points.  However, even though some of the guessing turned out to be not the most correct, the routes still provided new and useful info to most of the riders.  There’s more than one way to get from Doi Chang to the highway 3037, isn’t there?  And one of those ways is almost straight up at some points!
The lunch break was in the restaurant just a couple hundred meters down the road from Doi Chang Coffee shop and warehouse.  It was an extended lunch break with lots of socialize, meeting, greeting and fine chats.  It is really cool to see so many people making so many new friends in such a short time.
We had Phil, from Chiang Mai, who runs the Ride-Asia website and biker forum with us.  He has posted his ride report on his website with pics and short descriptions.  You all can see it here-
For the last of us to arrive back in Chiang Rai, the time was about 4:30 p.m.  The little group I was with goofed off a lot on the way home and some of the other guys made tracks and arrived a lot sooner.
For next month’s ride, several ideas and route suggestions were tossed around but at this point, no person has called the ride for June with date and route.  If any of you have a plan for a day ride, just speak up and we’ll go with it.  Sounds like everyone is looking forward to the next one, no matter where we go.  Anyone can call the ride.  Let’s hear from you.
For any of you who don’t know and wish to, there are two biker forums out there with lots of northern Thailand info, including good routes, good sites and places to stay.  Just about anything you could want to know about riding here can be found in those forums and there are some true legends  posting in those forums.  We are lucky to be able to call upon their experiences when we’re planning a ride in some of the places they have been.  I, for one, doubt I’ll ever be loading my bike onto a longboat on the river just to get to a better biking spot but if you are considering doing that, the trail has been blazed and lessons learned and recorded.
The two different forums lean one a little towards two different styles of riding maybe but there is good info for all in the sites.
Phil invites you all to sing up at Ride Asia and post about your trips and experiences, read or to ask question.  You can sign up here-

David, at GT-Rider,  invites you all to sign up, post, read and ask questions at-

Lastly, Chiang Rai has a new forum and our Chiang Rai Biker Day ride info will be found there in this thread-

Marty and Woraphat


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