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Hello all.
The May Day Ride date has been moved to the 2nd of May to avoid May 1st holiday traffic.  May 1 is a national holiday in Thailand.
There is an attached file containing a map of the route.
Here is a link to the Google map showing the meet and start point for the ride-
As always, all sizes and styles of bikes are welcome.  Most of us won’t be in any hurry and breaks/stops for smokes, pictures, chats, sightseeing and rain avoidance are up to the individual riders.  When the group leaves the start point, you’ll quickly find yourselves riding in smaller groups of riders who share your style and speed of riding.  Getting lost, taking wrong turns, short cuts and scenic by-ways is highly acceptable, as sooner or later, we all end up at the same place and there is no hurry to be any where at any time. Faster bikes/riders will no doubt add a few kilometers to the route and still make the lunch stop in time for some idle chat.  As much as this is a nice ride and nice day out, this is an opportunity to meet some new people, make some new friends and share info about favorite rides, routes and places to visit.
The ladies are planning on bringing the refreshments in four wheel vehicles and they welcome all of the other ladies who wish to attend but don’t want to spend the day on a bike.  If any of you have someone who wants to join with the others in bringing refreshments and a truck or car, that person/s, if they choose to, they can contact Woraphat so they can get together on who is bringing what and who.  Woraphat can be reached at this e-mail address or at the number below.
Details of the ride are below-
Wednesday 2nd May 
to avoid the holiday on the 1st. We hope that suits everyone and better to ride on a non-holiday day.

Meeting place; Amazon coffee shop at the PTT petrol station on highway 1 in Chiang Rai, just south of the Kawasaki dealer.
Meeting time; 08:30
Departure time; 09:00

Coffee, petrol, tire inflation, snacks and restrooms are available at the PTT
Route- This is a different kind of ride to the Phayao ride. The first part is a bit

boring, down main road 1211, but then after Charin Resort, you get into some
great twisties. Up and over the Lum Nam Kok National Park on the 3037. There
is a coffee shop at the top of Doi Chang (of course) that I think does food
too, or there is a resort in Wawi that has a restaurant. Then the 1089 back
to Mae Chan is always fun. The last run back to Chiang Rai is highway 1.

 If anyone needs any type of clarification on any of the above, please let us know.  Our e-mailing list for this ride has almost doubled since last time but if any of you know of anyone else who wishes to be on the list, please forward this to them and have them contact me.  Also feel free to post this on your websites or blogs and forward to any other local publishing persons as you see fit.

Marty and Woraphat

Doi Chang and Wawi route map.jpg Doi Chang and Wawi route map.jpg
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