On The Road Thailand

: On The Road Thailand
: Independent Guide for Bikers and Travelers Touring Thailand.
: http://www.ontheroadthailand.com

As an independent travel guide and website for bikers living in Thailand.
Focusing on all areas including the Golden Triangle, Bangkok, Isaan and surrounding provinces. The North of Thailand is the best in all of Asia for motorbike touring and famous for it’s mountain trails. In this guide popular routes are covered and locations revealed. Using this resource you can access bike routes, information, images and insider info from across Thailand to aid you in your travels and living.

Thailand is a large country featuring highlands in the North of the country where the borders with Laos and Burma (Myanmar) meet at a place known as the point of the ‘Golden Triangle.’ Chang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and was formerly a capital in her own right.
Journeying south towards Phitsanulok the fertile rice plains that stretch in all directions become more apparent. Kamphaeng Pet and Nakhon Sawan are predominant areas in this agricultural powerhouse of Thailand.
To the East lies what is considered by many to be north-eastern region of Thailand; Isaan. There are no less than eight provincial cities that make up this region. Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and the border town of Nong Khai to name but a few.
Just south of the former capital Ayuthya is Bangkok; The Capital City of Thailand.
Away to the west is Kanchanaburi, a popular spot for visitors to the Bridge over the River Kwai.


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