Pai Restaurants

For such a small town, there’s an astonishing number of restaurants, most of them catering for needs/tastes of foreign travellers but also including a wide range of Thai regional cuisine.

Good Life – Veggies and vegans will love this place. It serves organic and vegetarian foods at decent prices. It’s not half bad either. The delicious breakfasts are great value.
Kin J – This little vegetarian restaurant between the main traffic light and the afternoon market serves a selection of purely vegetarian food daily. Get there early, as it’s mostly sold out by mid-afternoon. It’s only 25 baht for brown rice and two dishes.
Na’s Kitchen – Debatably some of the best Thai food in town. Na still works in the kitchen everyday, serving delicious northern food to tourists and Thais. She speaks great English, and will even teach you a bit of Thai if you ask nicely. Na’s is always a favourite of the long-stay travellers and the ones returning for a second, or third go at Pai.
Peace of Pai, (on the edge of town on the road to Mae Hong Son), ☎ 08 9955 4548 or 08 2182 2383. Homegrown organic food is grown here but the main attraction is the postcard-perfect view from the upper floor terrace. Hemp clothing is sold downstairs, which may or may not fully explain the prominent “THC” signs  

The Thai local restaurant of choice. Find it directly opposite the Pai District Office. Very few westerners to be found, but the menu is in English. Excellent Thai salads and sticky rice.
Curry Shack – Order a curry served in a coconut!


Charlie & Lek’s – The vegetables used in the cooking are grown fresh on their own farm and the bar has a wonderful relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Located on the road to Chiang Mai, just before the police station. Look out for a sign with the restaurant logo – We Love Lettuce! Thai food is 30-70 baht a plate. They also offer cooking classes for 750 baht a day.

Witching Well – Wide selection of all types of food, including some great western dishes and amazing shakes. Try the apple pancake, it’s to die for.


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