Disabled Biker Links

Conquest for the Disabled Biker

Conquest for the Disabled Biker

NABD This is a great UK Based association that helps anybody that has a disability get back on the road. They supply funding, Technical advice, Discounts, and have a massive following in the biking community, and are well known for there great fund raising events.

Their site has an extensive Adaptions page which covers all types of disabilities from one arm, one leg, or even no use of either legs.

Another clever site is Motorcycle Amputees which again cover a huge range of aids equipment to help you ride abike, trike or wheel chair motorcycle. They have so many varying ideas and are able to assist in finding the most suitable vehicle for your needs. Check out some of the pictures of disabled people riding and their motorcycles, some of them are seriously amazing.

This site has some truly amazing Wheelchair adaptions, they just prove what you can get away with when you have no legs. take a few minutes to look at the gallery of some fantastic machines.

Kliktronic One Hand Control In the United Kingdom, a company called Kliktronic is the king of push-button gear changers. Take their K-LEVER 2 Dual – Lever Master Cylinder, for instance. Simply put, the K-Lever is an electric shifter. What makes it great for someone with a disability is its modular design, which allows for a variety of configurations.

Use it to control both front and rear brakes with a single hand. Or, if you prefer, set it up to operate the clutch and brake for easier gear shifting. If you have weakness in your left hand, a Rekluse automatic clutch might be just what you need to get on the road. One example, the company’s ProStart Clutch, allows a rider to control starting and stopping with the throttle. After you start your machine, the clutch can still be used for shifting.

Finally, most riders understand that the front brake on a motorcycle provides most of the stopping power. If your right hand (which normally controls the front brake) is weak, you might want to try using a thumb brake system. Any reputable motorcycle shop can help you find a good set-up for your particular machine.

This site is great but have only just found it so it is work in progress, tacking here so i don’t loose it. check it out there are some seriously funky machine son this site. Think i might be able  get loads of ideas of the crazy blokes. http://thekneeslider.com/archives/2009/10/30/honda-cbx-v12-by-andreas-georgeades/#.Tfki904c0PM;facebook

You have just got to be impressed with the guy’s at www.chhristrikes.com a great looking wheelchair Harley.


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