Avoiding the Pai Tattoo

Motorcycle Accident in Pai

Motorcycle Accident in Pai

So you get off the minivan from Chaing Mai and you have never ridden a scooter in your life. There’s one hour of daylight left, so what do you do? Of course you go and rent a scooter straight away and pretend you know what you are doing. Sounds unlikely but the locals in Pai see it every day.

A “Pai Tattoo” now that might sound great. A real bamboo needle tattoo, what a souvenir to take home from Pai, or that’s what the backpackers think. But anyone that’s been here a while knows that to get a “Pai Tattoo” is something altogether a totally different experience.

The only needle you are going to see is one at the local Pai Hospital after they have removed the mud, gravel, and dirt from your bleeding skin then have given you a shot to relieve the pain. You will be walking round Pai, or should I say limping round covered in bandages and it will spoil your holiday. So come on people a bit of common sense, if you have never ridden a bike before, tell them at the rental shop, they will give you a lesson in a quiet place and let you get use to it safely.

Motorcycle Accident in Pai

Motorcycle Accident in Pai

Wear sensible shoes, those flippy floppy things are just a waste of time, if you want to keep your toes, wear a pair of trainers; you have all got a pair at the bottom of your rucksacks.

You don’t have to race around at top speed, just take your time you will enjoy the beautiful scenery so much more if you go slow enough to appreciate it.

Now I don’t want to patronize anyone, but I’m going too, WEAR A HELMET it isn’t rocket science if you crash it could result in a little more then a bump on the head!

Check out the recent article on the “Pai Explorer” website about the Young American who Wasn’t wearing a Helmet. If that doesn’t convince you, then nothing will. But most all enjoy Pai and please ride sensibly…..


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