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Hi, My names is Mac & I’ve Got a Plan!

I’m going  to blog about Motorcycle Adaptions, the Bikes that I’m building and the programs I intend to create for disabled Motorcycle Riders up here in Pai, Northern Thailand.

After over 20 years of not believing that I had the confidence to ride a 2 wheeled machine again. I have now discovered that it’s not that hard to do and with a bit of practice and patience I have been able to get back on the road and enjoy the beauty of riding around Pai Valley.

After a year of only being able to walk (some would say stagger) the streets of Pai this was like a breath of fresh air.

Back in December 1986, I was stupid enough to wipe out a lovely motorcycle, a RD 400cc single seater racing machine she was beautiful, unfortunately I completely destroyed it, along with myself, broken leg, hip, collar bone, a few ribs, and a couple of fingers for good measure.

The worst injury I sustained was a paralysed arm, which has been hanging round with me ever since. But being relatively young I had a better chance to adjust than perhaps an older person.

I come to realise that you have to get use to it. but to think that I would never ride a motorbike again was the biggest tragedy of all.

It only took me 20 years to realise that isn’t the case, now I am loving the freedom of two wheels again with a permenant

smile on my face as i ride the Pai Valley in Northern Thailand……….

SO CAN YOU !!!!!

I have recently added a “Stupidity” page to the site, a few clips that I have found while playing around on the web,. It’s not just about motorbikes, there is something for everyone, from the daft, to the serious, fast , slow, long, short, to the hilariously stupid. So if you have a spare bored few minutes check it out, one of them is bound to turn you on.  

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